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Corporate Services

Finance Assessment

Finance assessment implies the analysis of the viability, stability or profitability of a company or project. It is necessary for making decisions regarding major plan changes for the business, the purchase of raw materials or lending or investing capital. With the help of Southeast Asia Traders' professionals, our clients are able to objectively assess their finances and make educated decisions for the future of their businesses.

Expert Business Plans

In order to ensure the success of their new company, future business owners require a business plan that outlines the financial, marketing and operational prospects of the company. In some cases, a business plan is needed for an existing company that will undergo radical changes. Our seasoned experts have helped many company owners create and consolidate their business plans in various domains.

International Expansion Advice

For our clients who are looking to expand their business outside the border of our country, our advisors are ready to offer valuable information with regard to this important undertaking. Because of our numerous information sources abroad, we are able to assess the requirements of entering a foreign market and offer the best solutions to our clients.

Corporate counseling

We also offer guidance for the companies seeking counseling for offering investment opportunities to the public in order to fund their businesses. Corporate bonds, common stocks and preferred stocks are just a few of the choices we offer.

Main Advantages


Individualized services for each client


Careful strategic planning and risk management


Professional advisors with expertise in various business domains


Information sources from all over the world


State of the art technology and equipment


A trustworthy and worldwide renowned business network


Dedication to meet client's objectives